About us

We are a manufacturing company established in Cannanore, a small town in the Malabar region of India, The Malabar region has a cultural history over 500 years in the manufacture of Cotton fabrics and is renowned for its beautiful handwoven cotton yarn dyed fabrics.

Our company has an experience over 75 years in the manufacturing of various cotton fabrics ranging from voiles to heavy upholstery fabrics woven in plain, dobby and jacquard looms. Since we began, we are suppling our product to various importers, traders and supermarket chains throughout the globe. We have a dedicated team to fulfill any customized requirements of our customers.

 CountryWeaves.com is our online store to present our products to those who love traditional cotton fabrics and accessories.

All of our fabrics are woven in shuttle looms, either handloom or power loom. We use traditional methods for dyeing and processing of yarn, warping and weaving, this makes our products more environment friendly than fabrics made in highly mechanised factories. 

We invite you to enjoy our collection!! thank you!!

- Country Weaves